Capital Improvement Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 


2018 Projects

Ring & Buchanan Road Improvements – This project consists of replacing approximately 6,800 linear feet of 2” water main with 8” and 4” water mains to improve service to customers on Ring and Buchanan Roads. This project is ready to bid and it has been scheduled on the CIP to receive bids in January 2018.

Bond Projects

Phase 10 – Kristen Elevated Storage Tank – This project consists of replacing the 0.5 MG Elevated Storage Tank at Plant #8 with a new composite 2 MG Elevated Storage Tank at Kristen Pump Station Circle H Contractors reported that the large valves ordered per the change order are due to deliver in about 10 days and they will start the yard piping to complete the tank project. The contract time ends on January 5, 2018.