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High Usage Water Bills

Due to the high number of consecutive days without rain fall in the area, we are seeing much higher than usual water usage. The District is also experiencing a large increase in purchased water in order to keep up with demands.
Please be mindful that in dry time periods, water usage naturally increases even though you may not be aware of how much water you are actually using.
Some common reasons why you may see water increases during the summertime:
Lawn Watering Has Greatly Increased
  • At normal pressure a 5/8" garden hose delivers about 10 gallons per minute. Thirty minutes of watering equates to 300 gallons of water.
Automatic Water Systems are the Biggest Water User
  • Many homeowners have their timers set to water during evening hours and do not double check the system for problems on a regular basis. A busted or broken sprinkler head can spray up to 25-35 Gallons Per Minute. A timer set for 15 minutes can use 375-525 Gallons!
Toilet Leaks
  • Toilets that run constantly, without being flushed, can easily leak up to 100 gallons of water a day.
Please visit the Water Conservation Tips and Leak Detection Advice links on our website for more information. 


Rockett Special Utility District is committed to providing safe drinking water and superior customer service while conserving for the future.


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Make your life easy and green - register to use E-Bill, the easy, fast, secure, and totally paperless way to receive your Rockett Special Utility District's monthly bill. Say goodbye to paper bills.
*By registering for E-Bill, you acknowledge and accept that you will no longer receive a printed bill in the mail every month from Rockett Special Utility District, and that you are responsible for paying all outstanding amounts on your account whether or not you have received an E-Bill notification. 
We offer 2 ways to register.
1. Log into your account under the "Payment Online/Account Detail" tab and select "Sign up for ebilling" located to the right of your screen under Online Services.
2. Download E-Bill Request Form and submit it by mail to P.O. Box 40, Red Oak Texas 75154, email to customerservice@rockettwater.com, or fax to 972-617-0030.    

Rockett Special Utility District

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